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California Tan Lotion
California Tan Products

Ashley Lynn's Tanning Products

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Whether you are a beginning or an advanced tanner, California Tan products are specifically designed to help acheive beautiful tanning results while providing exeptional care for the skin, at any stage of the tanning process!

STEP 1 products accelerate the development of a rich,golden brown base and are best for those who are just starting to tan or who haven't tan in some time.

STEP 2 products are for those customers who have hit a 'tanning plateau,' a point where they are not getting any darker.

STEP 3 products preserve, protect and extend the life of your tan. They are for all tanners and should be used daily in combination with a STEP 1 or STEP 2.

Indoor tanning lotions will help tan you faster, darker, and deeper with longer lasting results. Specially formulated indoor tanning lotions have the highest concentration of quality tanning and skin care ingredients that help accelerate or maximize the tanning process.

Ashley Lynn's is an advocate of skin care! That is why we encourage our tanners to take care of their skin in and out of the salon! We offer essential tan extending moisturizers and tan extending body washes that help extend and enhance the life of your tan!

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